The term web design refers to the activity that consists of structuring the graphic elements of a website to aesthetically express the visual identity of a company or organization in order to reinforce their visual identity and awaken a sense of trust in the user.

Nevertheless, a website must, above all, cover users’ expectations and allow them to easily find the information they seek. Designing a web page is mainly an artistic task that combines inventiveness and creativity. Often, the web is used as a means of plastic expression itself. Artists and creators use web pages to offer their productions and use them as a diffusion channel of their work. The web design has been widely used in the commercial sectors of the Internet especially in the World Wide Web.

The union of a good design, with a well elaborated hierarchy of contents, increases the efficiency of the Web as channel of communication and data exchange, offering possibilities like the direct contact between the producer and the client, a remarkable feature of the Internet.